the OG gang of 7 at our departure point - an abandoned mental hospital in sf

5 made it the whole way, the rest...never saw them again

from left creatures benji, newport, lee, g, rie, jay and myron's rider bryan at 4:35am

note the motul 800 in the foreground, it got us there.

creature rie

7 days after departure we arrived in seattle.

we sustained one seized bottom end on a magnum xk, and one shredded tire on a maxi

otherwise we performed routine maintenance and got there at speeds around 37mph

in arcata most of us cleaned our pistons, points, carbs, exhausts, and whatever else seemed like it wanted to be cleaned.

the constantly changing temps, humidity, + the long hours of riding kept us constantly tuning to maximize our speed

it was freezing

we rode most of our miles through the night, often going till 4 or 5 in the am then crashing in the grass somewhere

i would recommend finding another route - the coastal roads to the north are packed with traffic (not so for the southern route to la which is excellent)

I'm thinking the deep inland high deserts and a nice crumbling trafficless farm road are the way to go

someone dared to say we were unprepared, look at this crap pile and rot, scum

4 of the bikes were victims to 40mph+ guru porting and the creatures special hobo pipe (see above), the non ported maxis had large carbs and hobo pipes.

most of us had on new michelin gazelles, the creature touring tire of choice.

we tried to stick together...until we all got split up and lost. then the fun began.

creature jay

creature lee

creature benji

we were going to go further north to attempt a crossing of that bering land bridge thing, but we couldn't confirm its existence

so back to sf...for now

creatures citywide suffer from patch envy